"New Century Senior Physics
- Knowledge, Processes and Reasoning"
- by Richard Walding, Greg Rapkins and Glenn Rossiter
Oxford University Press 1999

This page contains worked solutions to selected end-of-chapter Complex Reasoning problems in "Senior Physics: Knowledge, Processes and Reasoning" by Walding, Rapkins and Rossiter. Additional and amended answers are also included. NEW! Also included: solutions to Complex Reasoning puzzles from the margins of the New Century Senior Physics edition.

Ch 1 Measurement and quantities
Ch 2 Motion in a straight line
Ch 3 Vectors and Graphing
Ch 4 Forces in action
Ch 5 Circular, projectile and periodic motion
Ch 6 Space physics
Ch 7 Forces and fluids
Ch 8 Momentum
Ch 9 Energy and motion
Ch 10 Heat and temperature
Ch 11 Heat and matter
Ch 12 Heat transfer
Ch 13 Wave motion in one dimension.
Ch 14 Wave motion in two dimensions.
Ch 15 Light and electromagnetic radiation.
Ch 16 Sound, music and audio.
Ch 17 Reflection and mirrors
Ch 18 Refraction
Ch 19 Lenses
Ch 20 Optical instruments
Ch 21 Electrostatics
Ch 22 Electric circuits
Ch 23 Electronics
Ch 24 Electronic systems
Ch 25 Magnetism and electromagnetism
Ch 26 Electromagnetic induction
Ch 27 Atomic structure
Ch 28 Nuclear physics
Ch 29 Fundamental Particles and Quantum Theory
Ch 30 Special Relativity
Ch 31 Designing practical electronic circuits
Ch 32 Solar physics
Ch 33 Medical physics

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